H   a   i   K   u   S   T   U   D   I   O


…and we mean that in the most literal way. Creating and keeping alive a bond with you through our games is paramount to us. After all, gaming is social, and we can break that unecessary wall that so frequently exists between the game creators and the game players. At the end of the day, when trigger fingers are itching, we're all gamers right? Check us out on the networks:

teh internets

Stay up to date with HaiKus news on our official Facebook page and Twitter feed. Here you will find out about our new games, their releases and everything related to them that's worth like your share or RT. And don't forget, join in on the conversation! We love the feedback!





Visit our Vimeo and Youtube channels and take a look at our game trailers and gameplay footage from our games. There you'll also find coverage from the events we attend to as well as the ocational interview. Check out our Vine and Instagram for a quick HaiKu fix of gameplay and random fun stuff.









pen pals

If you want to reach us in a more direct fashion, send us an e-mail. We've got some accounts set-up for diferent uses to be sure no e-mail stays unread. Check which one better suits your need… we'll be happy to hear from you.

for you, the gamer

Getting feedback and opinion from you ROCKS. We wont expect you to be subtle or polite… just be really honest and let us have it. We wanna know what you think about our games and of course how we can improve them. After all YOU are the gamer.


for creators

Create games with us. We're always looking for creative people to work with. We don't need your resume or CV, just a sample of your work and, of coursel… tell us WHY you are excited about creating games @ HaiKu. The "why" is paramount ;)


for partners

So, you want your own game. You realize that a game is the best way to reach out to your audience in an engaging and long-lasting way. Well, we salute you! So lets get right on it. (prior mutual NDA) Send us an email today and tell us about it!