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Gamecraft… This endeavour is our passion, our means and end for expressing ourselves creatively both as a studio and as individuals. We know what you want… that unique sense of dare and challenge, the endless fun, the belief. We know this ’cause we are gamers too. We love the the creating games - and its genuine, uncompromised authenticity that we reach out to you with… because, when all is said and done, it’s all about you and the game. So welcome. Explore, engage, and enjoy - and know that you are a part of this adventure.

Our first "big" game

YES! The time has arrived.

Since HaiKu was founded, one of the core goals has been to create games for consoles & desktop platforms. There is a huge reason behind it; not just the glamour of developing for higher tiers… the reason is this: all of us here at HaiKu grew up playing on those platforms. The depth, the length, the intensity of the games we played (and still play) on Xbox, PS, Steam and the like is, for us, something unique and it appeals to the truest gamer set of mind within us. So well, the project has been now set into motion and we couldn’t be more exited about it! We won’t say much right now, only that it’s a story driven platformer with a bunch of unique mechanics, a spice of puzzle elements and, hopefully, a full set of PvP local multiplayer modes. Long live-couchplay!

This game is our most ambitious project as of yet, and we’d love to traverse this journey with you! So, we’ll keep you poasted on it’s progress. Cheers!

2 for mobile

kitchen warfare: reloaded.

There’s only one way to describe the vibe, feel, graphics and (of course) Mr. Pig’s quest for revenge: HARDCORE.
Use every weapon, powerup at your disposal in spli-second reflex moves to dodge (or better yet) destroy every knife.

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mr.pig evolved

no more bacon // pre-release game-play trailer

The idea for NoMoreBacon was pitched by Jessie, when we decided to "jam it" for a whole week. Over a year went by of working on other projects when, finally, Mr. Pig’s time for revenge had finally arrived. And now, quick recap of the last 3 months in which NoMoreBacon has been developed and designed…

The HaiKu family started working on the design and development of the game, led by both Jessie and Rob. Whilst staying true to the core "Pig-vs-knives" concept, the art direction drastically drew into a crude, grittier and rougher place... and everyone loved it. From the rust in the butcher knife’s edge to the oily feel of Mr.Pigs snout, it all just seemed immensely more… well, real. And we like real.

A total of 5 weapons (grenade launcher, sniper rifle, shotgun, laser and sticky mines) and 6 powerups, and 10 (yeah!) unlockable "desguises" (which affect both in looks and in gameplay) and were designed and implemented. It just felt right. Now the game feels more robust and immensely more fun to play over and over again. Besided, there’s nothing quite like saying "this feels really HaiKu" and knowing it to be true.

So now, as we plow through beta sessions and condense the audio component of the game, we are closer than ever to unleashing hell on Hell's Kitchen, embodied in a ball-like flying pig with shades, no hind legs and a lot of firepower you’ll soon know and love as Mr. Pig.

a game about colour, shape & character

Use as many fingers as you want (or can) to fuse together matching Bits in this physics puzzle game created for te touch screen. Discover the lore of the Bitrian race which spans beyond the game and save the ether from being consumed by the Void.

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latam game idol winner

no more bacon // pre-release game-play trailer

2013, Q3. We entered a contest called the Latin American Game Idol, a continent wide event which would prize the best game designs and prototypes. So, we got on it right away and produced a design document and an early beta showcasing the core of BITROID. After a couple of filtering rounds, BITROID was the only game developed in Mexico who made it to the finalists and… we won! Having BITROID standing as "Best Social Strategy & Engagement Game" gave us a huge boost od emotion. However, we were currently working on other projects, so we let BITROID rest for a while.

We picked up development on day one of 2016 and we’ll have a test-ready beta as soon as february, so stay tuned!!
As a plus, we have designed the UI to take full pixel-perfect advantage of the iPad Pro’s gorgeous retina display. Note: We’ve been playing beta sessions with up to 3 people at once (and up to 10 fingers at the same time) and it is CRAZY FUN.