H   a   i   K   u   S   T   U   D   I   O

dear diary

Here at HaiKu we’ve always believed that games, not unlike any other art form, are about opinion and perspective, voice and expression. Hence, we’ll use this space to convey many things and serve many purposes. This page will be our dev-diary, our shout-out about topics we feel strongly about, a chronicle to all alse worth writing (and we hope) reading too. So keeping in mind the very opinionated nature of out wiring as individuals, enjoy the read!


the new haiku

By: Rob GilesRitter


It’sa new HaiKuSTUDIO.

During the last 3 and a half years we have shuffled through different pipelines, strategies and approaches, all towards this one goal: ensure the sustainability of HaiKu whilst being able to work on our own IP games. That led us, durind the aforementioned lapse to work on advergames and commissioned projects, enjoying and learning from every second of it. We developed an FPS for mobile (the first ever developed in the country), a vertical procedural platformer, a fantasy bowling game, a geometric crafting game, and several other casual mini games amongst other stuff. Heck, we’ve even made apps! (Nothing against apps; we love a cool app, but it’s simply not a GAME, now is it?)

This hasn’t felt a "chore" for me or for the rest of the team; is been a) a financial necessity (since behind the artistic passion, there’s that lingering need for… you know, pey the power, and eat and stuff) and b) a luxury made possible in great part by Jessies natural knack for selling games to clients! (Would YOU turn down the chance to learn how to make an FPS and get payed upfront for it? Didn’t think so.

After those 3 1/2 years, we have amassed the neccesary matter for our own definition of freedom; HaiKu, being a self-sustained company had to stick to a tough savings plan in order to get here, but it has and will be well worth it up until now and (especially) from now on.

Now, we have the necessary funds to handle a good part of the production for our next game. "Our next game"… just typing it feels like a unique alchemic mixture of excitement and challenge. Why? Because THIS NEXT GAME will be created to run on Steam and consoles!

We are SO excited about this there are simply no words. It’s a dream come true to say in only a months time, we’ll begin the design process. I wont say much about this game just now, other than the fact that it’s a 2.5D platformer with some nifty and unique acrobatic mechanics and a strong compelling story / character roster.

Looking back, I do remember distinctly when Andross and myself pitched the idea for this game we’re about to start working on to "old team" (from which only Josué remains) 3 years ago. There was a distinct lack of detachment about the project and an almost reactive push-back from 2 former team members. I didn’t know then, but it was the dire complexity of the game, how much a fine team chemistry it would require, and the technical / gameplay skills (which we didn’t have back then as we do now) that produced that push-back. Then came the "Well WE can’t to THAT" from one guy which instantly awakened in me the need to nurture a better, more resilient team chemistry - but with people who wouldn’t settle for a "can’t". Josué, of course, I wouldn’t let go of. Na-ah.

And so, the team roster changed, enourmously for the better. Dan, my cousin, took the role of gameplay programmer, a role which was always meant for him, and teamed up with Josué in what resulted to be a potent mix. No "can’t do this" would ever be heard again. Least of all when, only 6 months later, Jessie (whom I love and admire beyond words) sealed the team as a unit. The Four Haiku-teers, she once said. From then on, this new HaiKu I’m presenting you to was cooking itself into being.

So now, us four are a month away from moving in to our new HaiKu home, a place built from the ground up for HaiKu, by HaiKu. No rented office or garage… this place is OURS. Our hopes are high, and our vision set… as the new HaiKu begins, so will the creation of our biggest game yet! And we’re gonna give it every fiber of our minds and souls, every last one.

Are we ready though? Well, we’re as ready as we’re gonna be until we do this.

So, we’re ding this.

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