H   a   i   K   u   S   T   U   D   I   O

we are hks

We are a family of game creators... pixel painting artisans, keyboard crushing creative coders and savvy digital storytellers make up our ranks.

We strive for art x interaction.

We consider ourselves inventors of immersive and meaningful experiences. These experiences that we passionately make, we make for you and ourselves alike. For us, HaiKu is not a meanwhile-job or a plan B, it is IT. We’re here to stay and we have forged this family of creators to do things our way. It’s been a steep climb uphill full of excitement, learning, awe and satisfaction which continues to fuel us upon gazing at what’s to come. We create Games because we believe that the interactive universes that exist by the design of driven minds and hearts is the utmost means of true artistic expression, and their enjoyment amazes and empowers imagination and creativity. Though games we have forged enterprise and friendship, and constructed our own understanding of challenge, collaboration and wonder. So get to know us. Let the thickness of the screen fade to nothing and enjoy this ride together.

the core team

  • Jessie's Bio

    A.K.A.: Jess / Kokoiis

    SkillSet: Graphic Design / GamePlay design / Sales / UI / UX / Evil Admin Thingies… of hell.

    Tools of the Trade: Seriff Affinity Designer / Seriff Affinity Photo / Photoshop / Unity / Mail App :D

    Age: Only 21.

    HaiKu-lander since: 07.01.14

    Education: Clinical Analyst / Barista / Student of Communication Science @ UNAM

    Now Playing: Battle Block Theater!!

    First Game Ever Played: Pong, on my own Atari!

    Fav Games Ever: Halo 4 / Minecraft / Catherine

    Fav Game Hero: John 117

    Fav Game Heroin: haven't found her yet

    Fav Villain: Enderman a.k.a. "wey mágico" (Minecraft)

    Fav PowerUp: Berserker with Buccaneer (Plunder Pirates)

    Fav Weapon: The Snipe (Halo 4)

    Fav OST: Plunder Pirates Soundtrack!

    Fav Ending: Halo 4 ... sigh

    Industry Hero: Tomokasu Seki (voice actor)

    Hobbies: I just work and sleep

    Super Power: The power of ultra multitasking

    Believe it or not: I'm the tallest person at HaiKu

    Oddjob: Former paintball referee

    Best(est) HaiKu moment: Pitching NoMoreBacon’s idea and concept art for HaiKu’s #OneWeekChallenge!

  • Dan's Bio

    A.K.A.: Dano, Ritter Critter

    SkillSet: Logic / Game Mechanics / Physics / Audio Design / AI design and development

    Tools of the Trade: Unity / Mono Develop / Ableton Live

    Age: 26

    HaiKu-lander since: 1.07.2013

    Education: Pure Mathematics @ UNAM

    Now Playing: Go

    First Game Ever Played: Spelunx

    Fav Games Ever: Marathon / Resident Evil / MK III

    Fav Game Hero: Raiden (MKII)

    Fav Game Heroin: Lara Croft (Tom Raider Series)

    Fav Villain: Biff (Original Shuffle Puck)

    Fav PowerUp: Active Camo (Halo Reach)

    Fav Weapon: Double Shotgun (Marathon series)

    Fav OST: Donkey Kong Country 2 (David Wise)

    Fav Ending: Marathon Infinity

    Industry Hero: Jason Jones

    Hobbies: Playing Guitar / Composing music / Playing go

    Super Power: Can create the most sinister, fear-inducing, sleep-depriving ragdoll physics ever seen.

    Best(est) HaiKu moment: playing for the first time our FPS prototype with Rob, Andross and Pablo on split screen.

  • Josué's Bio

    A.K.A.: Only Josué.

    SkillSet: Gameplay Mechanics / Shader Creation / GUI / VFX

    Age: almost 26

    HaiKu-lander since: 01.10.12

    Education: Computing Engineering / Graphic Computing / Game Design / Programming @ UNAM

    Tools of the Trade: Unity / Mono Develop / Xcode / nGUI

    Now Playing: Dishonored

    First Game Ever Played: Wolfenstein 3D

    Fav Games Ever: Resident Evil 4 / Final Fantasy IX / The Last of Us

    Fav Game Hero: The Prince (Prince of Persia Series)

    Fav Game Heroin: Jill Valentine (Resident Evil series)

    Fav Villain: GLaDos (Portal)

    Fav PowerUp: Thot's Meteors (Age of Mythology)

    Fav Weapon: Tikhar Pneumatic Rifle (Metro Last Light)

    Fav OST: Super Meat Boy (Danny Baranowsky)

    Fav Ending: Final Fantasy IX

    Industry Hero: Shinji Mikami

    Hobbies: Reading / Making vids about One Piece theories with Loquendo voiceovers

    Super Power: Playing Super Meat Boy… with a keyboard.

    Believe it or not: he has no sense of smell.

    Oddjob: mmm...

    Best(est) HaiKu moment: When he beat the whole team at bowling without ever having played before.

  • Rob's Bio

    A.K.A.: Beto, Goonie (only for his mum) and Robbie/ Rabbit (only for jessie Jessie)

    SkillSet: Game Theory / Game Design / Level Design / 3D Animation / Illustration / Concept Art

    Age: 30 summers

    HaiKu-lander since: day one… 1.06.2011

    Education: 3D Cinematography / 3D Modelling for Games / 3D and 2D Animation @ EuNoia School

    ClayMation / Non-Linear Video Editing / Video Compositing @ Cinefilias

    Digital Illustration / Photo Edition / Web Design @ Edumac

    Tools of the Trade: Autodesk Maya / Autodesk MudBox / Affinity Designer / Affinity Photo / Substance Painter / Macaw / Mischief / pencil and paper

    Now Playing: Braid (again)

    First Game Ever Played: The original Prince of Persia

    Fav Games Ever: Zelda Ocarina of Time / Mario Kart 64 / Super Meat Boy

    Fav Game Hero: Link (TLOZ: Ocarina Of Time)

    Fav Game Heroin: Zoe Castillo (Dreamfall)

    Fav Villain: Dr. Foetus (Super Meat Boy)

    Fav PowerUp: Triple Red Shell (Mario Kart 64)

    Fav Weapon: Beam Rifle (Halo 4 / 5)

    Fav OST: Donkey Kong Country 2 (David Wise)

    Fav Ending: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (best part: playing the entire game with his brother)

    Industry Hero: Jordan Mechner (Prince of Persia)

    Hobbies: Playing Guitar / Writing HaiKu poems

    Super Power: Can play Mario Kart with only one hand, and win.

    Believe it or not: he is a ninja.

    Oddjob: Painted a 4 story-high octupus on a malfunctioning flat-tired mechanical crane which he had never operated before.

    There was an earthquake that day. A big one.

    Best(est) HaiKu moment: right now.

  • Hello. We four are the HaiKuSTUDIO core team.
    Click or tap on our name button thingies below the pic to see our bios.

UI, UX &

Logic & Physics
Sound Designer


Director &
Lead Game

the extended family

The HaiKu family spans beyond the Core Team; in almost every game we work side by side with these amazing people who share our passion for what we do. They are as much a part of HaiKu as we are.


Cinematographer and AD. He’s worked at HaiKu producing great level design concepts and now, as a character development writer for our first big game.


Awesome film director, storyboardist, script writer and friend to us all. He is currently working on our next game’s storytelling and script (Yeaaaaah!!!)


HaiKu’s legal advisor (and a seriously awesome drummer!) He's been here since the start and we can always count on him and his advice.


Guru of the local game-dev scene and a developer himself, Héctor has contributed to HaiKu’s games by working their online connectivity and data bases 


Ginny may be the last name here, but she certainly was the first to believe in HaiKu. She is Rob's mum and his legal partner of the company. We <3 her.


So, how about you instead if this awkward grayish rectangle? We’re always looking for driven, creative people to join the family! Interested? Read on.


So, you want to become a game creator? Well, if that's the case you've certainly chosen the single most amazing, creavite and rewarding craft in the known universes. Maybe you wanna try your luck and/or be a hobbyist which is just fine and we wish you the best. However, it you want to get real and engage in this craft full-on, then ask yourself this: are you willing to employ everything you know and learn everything you don't? Are you a creative, problem-solving, self-motivated, team-player individual with a unique perspective on games, art, interaction and life? Do you realize that game making is hardcore stuff implying meeting deadlines, being professional and generating revenue to keep on making games?Do you want to live and make a living making games? If you answered YES to each one of those questions without half a moment's hesitation, then click the button below and join us in our ventures!

join us & lets make games.

haiku home

Some people say workplace, office, headquarters, base of operations, etc. We call it home. Here, there's no "Boss Office" or cublicles here to box us in, but rather an open space (structurally, emotionally, creatively) we fittingly call “the playground” where we craft our games.

As last year came to an end so did our stay in HaiKu home 4, and we bid farewell to a place that hosted so much fun, joy and excitement for over 2 whole years. But it was a change for the better, and not out of necessity but of a choice. The new home for HaiKu is being constructed… by HaiKu! It’s gonna be OUR OWN PLACE! To have a place of out own is something we dreamed of far down the road yet now it’s a reality that it’ll be ready as soon as mid-February!

Wanna visit us when HaiKu home 5 is ready? Just hit us with a tweet, post, email or something along those lines. See you soon!! For now, we’ll leave up here a picture of the "old" HaiKu Home, which we’ll for ever hold in memory :)

the story

Road to HaiKu

Once, there was a boy who dreamt about making games when he was 9 years old. So then him and his brother… they thought about ideas for some games.

(Note: Try singing this last paragraph like if you were singing “mmmm” by the Crash Test Dummies. It fits!)

When Rob grew up he still wanted to make games (even more so than as a kid). He studied 3D Animation (since there wasn't a propper Game Design career 12 years ago in his home town) After graduating, he put together a DIY career covering game theory, game design, ludic psychology, 3D art for games, non-linear storytelling, photography, video editing, illustration, digital scuptling and pretty much any and all he could get his hands on.

However, the jump from studying games to making games was not so much of a straigh shot for him (is it ever?); he worked as a freelancer doing art direction, production design and 3D stuff in the audiovisual industry for some well known brands. He probably would have continued along this path, but his heart and mind were still set on games.

year zero

Around age 26 his piggy bank had a modest weight to it, so finally he was able to set up shop and founded HaiKuSTUDIO. At the beginning’ it was a one-man-band working with programmers on demand. However, rather quickly, business began to grow, shortly after he started creating apps and micro games on demand for other companies.

HaiKu was founded as a formal company (kind of like what an LLC is in the US). Yet, one thing is founding… and another thing entirely is FUNDING; HaiKu was still in dire need of capital in order to create its own IPs. However, Rob didn't partner up or sought external private investment… it was just to risky with HaiKu at such a tender age.

2012 - 2013

Eventually, HaiKu was able to hire people. HaiKu hired two programmers and a graphic artist for a short period of time, and without any long term employment plan. Yet, one of them stayed… it was Josué, HaiKu's first game programmer. He’s stuck with Rob through thick and thin ever since. Shortly after, Dan joined the fold as gameplay programmer, a role that was always meant for him, raising the expectations of what could be done.

2014 - 2015

On early 2014, the need for a stronger pressence and management was clear if HaiKu was to tackle bigger projects. And like a wish come true, in walked a 19 year old woman, fierce and audacious. Jessie, the soon to become HaiKu girl. She started off managing and branched over to UI design, graphic development an PR.

The chemistry between the four HaiKus worked. And it has shown ever since. Now, three years have passed since HaiKu’s birth and the HaiKu family has grown reaching a near dozen members, remaining a self-funded, self-sufficient company devoted entirely to the creation of games.

the future

What's next? Creating our IPs for mobile, desktop and console… no less. And after that? Well, even for us here at HaiKu, that's a surprise. But we know one thing: we're here to stay and creating games is what we do and are.

friendly fire

One of the things we like the most about what we do in HaiKu is meeting people that are creators and gamers like us. Throughout HaiKu's lifespan we've met great companies and individuals some of which we have worked with or plan to. We've made great friends along the way. So, if you see yourself down in one of the following boxes know that we are your fans. Click on ’em, and see why they’re all so awesome.

Sidenote: one of the things that excite us most about our upcoming games is the fact that we’ll get a chance to work with our friends over at LOLA!! (lolamx.com) The best localization house ever. As far as we’ve known them they’ve been true supporters of HaiKu and, most of all, awesome friends and so much damn fun to hang out with. Thank you!